Inside the Mind of A Democratic Delegate: Part 1 Welfare

Inside the Mind of A Democrat: Part 1 Welfare

Many if not all the elephants in Washington proclaim we are the party of welfare. Except, when they say welfare they don’t mean welfare. In the last few years they have pounded and reshaped the word welfare- to give aid to those who need it- to then repackage and resell it to the public as “welfare”- to give aid to people who are too lazy to work. Consequently, the rest of the Republicans- those outside of Washington- believe we are proponents of this “welfare”. But we don’t want “welfare” we want to help those who are unable to help themselves for reasons beyond their control. Why are you confusing the people of the United States? Instead of demonizing welfare why don’t you just simply recognize the system is not as cost-efficient as it could be while still upholding its fundamental goal as an American principal? You elephants are being disingenuous and are in no way giving any substantive solutions to our spending problems so why should we take you seriously. My ten year old child can make the same arguments you all spatter to us in the media. The DOD’s budget constitutes half of the entire federal budget, yet you all seem to be hypersensitive and confounded to the idea of cutting some defense spending. Sadly, in the bubble that is the Republican Party, the welfare system is the only system that is bloated.

Note: The idea to start a series of short paragraphs that I hope capture the thoughts spiraling within the minds of the typical democrat was inspired by David Frum’s Inside The Mind Of A Republican Delegate


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